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Corporate & Media Productions

Who are we: We are a Mobile Multimedia Puppet Company specializing in Corporate and Media Productions that include Television commercials, PSA's, training videos, television and web-based productions and live-stage comedy shows.
What can we do:

For all of our clients, we can help them to:

1) Save time & money
2) Appeal to a wider target audience
3) Be remembered longer
4) Stand out over the competition
5) Increase sales and traffic

Why hire us: Because the NB Puppets are an Inexpensive, Flexible and Ready-to-go Solution that is Better, Cheaper and Faster to use than humans. We get more done in less time for less.
Our services: We can provide NB Puppeteers and NB Puppets, NB Puppet Directing, Copy & Script Writers, Storyboard Artist and Puppet Building. We can have puppets built that look exactly like a particular person.

The NB Puppets really stand out when they're in a commercial, PSA, training video or appearing in some video project which means that they attract attention right away. NB Puppets are able to keep the audience interested and awake, plus they don't require any makeup, don't need time to memorize scripts or take up much space, and they can do all of their own stunts which makes them better, cheaper and faster to use than humans.